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Monmedx - Health and
wellness platform

"It took you less than a year to build this? and only cost this much to build? Oh Wow!" - Ex-CTO of a leading EMR company

Project Overview

Monmedx is a platform that enables specialists, clinic managers, family doctors, patients, pharmacists, and labs/imaging centers to communicate in real-time on one platform, improving end-to-end efficiency. It’s an Integrated Medical Platform to perform all clinical practice needs, Monmedx is:

  • HIPPA compliant.
  • Designed for medical specialists.
  • From the patient file, communications, to CME and billing.
  • Customizable and agile.

Project Execution

Monmedx Cross platform consists of a Web Application that allows physicians, nurses, medical and administrative staff to access various capabilities. Also, the patient can access their healthcare data using (the Patient Mobile app).

The platform implements a large array of required function to run a medical practice:

  • Electronic Record Management (EMR/ EHR).
  • Patient files.
  • Requisition Management.
  • Fillable PDF Forms.
  • Digital Signatures.
  • Medication Management (Rx).
  • Charting, Scheduling appointment management.
  • Billing, Search, Email, in-clinic messaging, and e-Fax capabilities.
  • Telemedicine and remote patient monitoring capabilities.

Monmedx process (design)

  • Documenting business requirements.
  • Foundation of UX/UI.
  • High level architecture.
  • Identify spikes.
  • Proofs of concept (POC).
  • Identified 3rd party components, software packages, and services.
  • Intellectual Property,  (compliance wiht HIPAA, PIPEDA).
  • MVP features.
  • Hardening sprints, performance, security and compliance checks.

MMX Shots

You can see below some shots details of our successful Project

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