Case studies

Projects we completed

Developing a competitive advantage calls for developing more intelligent software solutions.

Monmedx - Health and wellness platform

MONMEDX is a platform that enables specialists, clinic managers, family doctors, patients, pharmacists, and labs/imaging centers to communicate in real-time on one platform, improving end-to-end efficiency. It’s an Integrated Medical Platform to perform all clinical practice needs, Monmedx is:

  • HIPPA compliant.
  • Designed for medical specialists.
  • From the patient file, communications, to CME and billing.
  • Customizable and agile.

Boka - Health and wellness platform

Boka is a marketplace connecting clients who are looking to book beauty, health, and wellness appointments with businesses and providers :

  • The platform can be accessed by new or returning clients via the Boka app or website.
  • Clients can easily search for available appointments by specifying a service, location, or business/provider.
  • Boka offers the convenience of booking appointments anytime and from anywhere without needing to make a phone call.

Umbrella os - UOS centralized monitoring & control

UOS centralized monitoring & control rail operating platform and power management system allows:

  • Operational asset accessibility in real-time to oversee, control and analyze all vital temperature parameters of integrated track heating systems.
  • Providing status and condition reporting further benefiting safety and situational awareness relevant to the safeguarding of the rail network and commuters during the harshest of winter conditions.
  • Advanced UMB-360 dashboard analytics, and video Monitoring for rapid validation of track conditions and operating practices.