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Development services, optimization of existing solutions in a secure and fast way from the beginning of the project process until the end. With the extensive knowledge and skill in software development and code adaptation, we provide efficient and customized solutions for any project as request

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Boost your sales, especially during these uncertain times Our UI designers can give app's

Monmedx - Health and wellness platform

MONMEDX is a platform that enables specialists, clinic managers, family doctors, patients, pharmacists, and labs/imaging centers to communicate in real-time on one platform, improving end-to-end efficiency. It’s an Integrated Medical Platform to perform all clinical practice needs, Monmedx is:

  • HIPPA compliant.
  • Designed for medical specialists.
  • From the patient file, communications, to CME and billing.
  • Customizable and agile.

Boka - Health and wellness platform

Boka is a marketplace connecting clients who are looking to book beauty, health, and wellness appointments with businesses and providers :

  • The platform can be accessed by new or returning clients via the Boka app or website.
  • Clients can easily search for available appointments by specifying a service, location, or business/provider.
  • Boka offers the convenience of booking appointments anytime and from anywhere without needing to make a phone call.

Umbrella os - UOS centralized monitoring & control

UOS centralized monitoring & control rail operating platform and power management system allows:

  • Operational asset accessibility in real-time to oversee, control and analyze all vital temperature parameters of integrated track heating systems.
  • Providing status and condition reporting further benefiting safety and situational awareness relevant to the safeguarding of the rail network and commuters during the harshest of winter conditions.
  • Advanced UMB-360 dashboard analytics, and video Monitoring for rapid validation of track conditions and operating practices.
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boost your sales, especially during these uncertain times Our UI designers can give app's

Nidal AlBanna

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Lead software engineer with 15+ years of practical experience, ranging from desi...

Mohammed AlBanna

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Senior software developer with strong experience in developing policies, and pro...

Othman Abu Shamla

Sr. Project Manager

Full stack developer adept in working in both Front-end and back-end development...

Umar Salah

Sr. Node.Js Developer

Back-end developer with 3+ years of industry experience,Highly skilled in Typesc...

Mahmoud Maher

Sr. React Native Developer

React Native team lead with over 4 years of experience in the field.Highly skill...

Hosam Sarhan

Quality Assurance Engineer

Project manager with hard experience in performing manual and automated testing,...
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